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Title: Goguma
Genre: Fluff
Rating: g
Summary: WGM crew talks about international YongSeo fans
Warnings: I have hesitated to post this fiction here for such a long time because I thought it wasn't really about YongSeo but since I got the approval by a MOD (Thank You!) it's here now. It's actually my 2nd fanfic. Thank you for reading.

“Do you know that the international fans of Yongseo bubu call themselves Goguma?”, Kwon Mi Cha asked Hwang Kang Dae while stapling pages of papers on her seat.

The WGM PDs and writers responsible for Yongseo couple filming are having their monthly meeting that afternoon. Mi Cha, one of the writers, thought that having a small conversation with her superior would be a good idea to kill time before the meeting starts. Kang Dae was sipping coffee when he stationed himself beside Mi Cha’s desk.

“Really?”, he asked back, “how did you know that?”.

“I can understand English well, sunbae,” Mi Cha smiled and continued, “I go to their forum thread whenever I have the time to spare. Their comments are always interesting to read. Eventhough sometimes the language is complicated, I always get the general idea to what they are saying.”

“Mi Cha-shi, are you using the company’s internet access for personal amusement?”, Kang Dae asked his hoobae, trying hard not to sound like a stern boss.

“Of course not, sunbae. It’s good knowledge for us. They are fans too, even if they’re not Koreans,” Mi Cha answered nonchalantly, knowing that she’s not in the wrong, and continued, “It’s a great community. Most of them are women; not surprised at that. A few men contributors. Oh, one of the male fan actually write good fan-fictions of Yongseo bubu. He made use of Goong drama to make a parody of Yongseo. Isn’t it fascinating?”.

“Is it that fascinating, Mi Cha-shi? By the sparkles in your eyes, you talk of these Gogumas as if you’re talking about your own favourite idol. Should I be concerned?”, Kang Dae chuckled at his own joke.

Ignoring her sunbae’s comment, Mi Cha carried on talking, ”I used to be doubtful about international fans love for our shows. I thought it was inconvenient for them to have access but I was surprised that a lot of them actually watched the show at the same time with Korean viewers! Apparently the language barrier was never a problem. They still watched the show and laughed at it even if they didn’t understand a thing. Eventually, with the help of Korean fans, they read translations of our episodes and also upload videos…”

Mi Cha stopped talking abruptly. She knew about MBC’s stance on their video uploads in the internet. “Not the right time to bring that up, babo Mi Cha!” she thought.

But Kang Dae just looked at her with a blank look on his face. Clearly, he was unaware of what she was thinking.

“Teamwork,” Mi Cha continued, glad of Hwang Kang Dae’s ignorance on details, “the international fans work together like a team. Most contributes only thoughts and opinions but some spent time producing fan fictions, fan videos and fan-made pictures. It is a very organized fandom. And their efforts in Yongseo projects are awesome too.”

Mi Cha looked into the eyes of the unfazed Kang Dae and wondering whether or not he is really interested with her story or he is just pretending to listen.

Allowing herself to accept that she might better off talking to a wall, Mi Cha continued anyway, “They call themselves Goguma. They call people who dislike Yongseo bubu, hamburgers. Isn’t that a cute name for antis? They call people who are obsessed over the Yongseo couple rings, gollums. They are cute, these Gogumas. Though, sometimes they argue over little things too. But it’s all in the name of Yongseo love, I guess.

Those people are also crazy sometimes, in a funny way. Keep on saying ‘Saturday palii’ when the show only finished broadcasting after a few hours. Yup, asking for Saturday to come faster when it’s still Saturday,” Mi Cha snickered and added,“There were even suggestions of them coming over to Korea and infiltrating MBC building to get hold of those WGM cuts that were never shown to public. It’s a joke but I have a feeling that if they really thought that it is possible, they might’ve done it.”

Kang Dae looked at Mi Cha, with worry. “She shouldn’t be hanging out with those kind of people”, he thought and made a quick mental note to increase security in the MBC video department.

“But I get their sentiments. I’m a Goguma myself. Now that’s weird. Calling myself after a root,” Mi Cha laughed. “It sounded cute in English though,” she thought.

“I think you spend too much time on the internet,” Kang Dae shook his head. “Spend more time writing scripts for the show, won’t you?”

“What script?”, Mi Cha turned towards her sunbae, who is clearly oblivious of the show’s concept, “Sunbae, if I actually spent time writing scripts for Yongseo bubu, I won’t love them this much. Their story would’ve been my own invention instead!”

Sensing danger by the tone of her voice, Kang Dae tried to change the subject when a sudden call of “Hyung-nim!” distracted him. It was Jung Yonghwa. He just arrived to join the meeting later on.

“Annyeonghaseyo hyung-nim”, Yonghwa smiled and bowed to the Kang Dae, the Head of Variety of MBC, “Oh, Mi Cha noonim is here too, annyeonghaseyo.”

Mi Cha smiled and greeted Yonghwa back. She gave a quick glance towards her superior before asking Yonghwa about his day.

“It was hectic like usual, noonim. But like always, I’m fine,” Yonghwa gave a big smile. “So, what were you guys talking about?”

“Funny story, Yonghwa-yah. We were just talking about Goguma. You know how I…”, Mi Cha couldn’t finish her sentence looking at Yonghwa’s sudden change in face colour; he turned pale.

“Noona, noo.. noonim…”, Yonghwa stuttered, his face turned from Mi Cha to Kang Dae. “Hyungnim, you’re not thinking of filming another goguma-related scene, are you? I’ve eaten enough to last me a lifetime…”
Tags: author: soshimunky, rating: g
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