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6th-Aug-2013 03:14 pm - [sticky post] [MODPOST] Tags
Robert Doisneau's Fleurs de Bistrot
Dear gogumafics Community,

Please be reminded of our posting rules and format. It is easy and simple, and we have made it as clear as possible for everyone to follow. The rules are not intended to burden you, just a means for us to keep our community as organized as possible.

I've been seeing a lot of rogue tags, untagged and improper tagging. All authors, please take this opportunity to fix your tags. As I do tags purging every now and then, it will be likely that I will delete posts by repeat offenders on my next purging, as stated in our rules.

We would appreciate your utmost cooperation.
7th-Jun-2016 04:20 pm - Cinderella
Title ; Cinderella
Pairing : Yongseo
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fluff
Rating : G
Warning ; Full of Yongseo couple interaction, if you don't like it just stay away!
Disclaimer : This fanfic is loosely based on the BTS of Cinderella MV  by CNBLUE

Summary :

If I’m asking you about Cinderella story, what will pop in the pretty head of yours dear readers? You must be thinking about a Young women who always get abused by her step mother & her step sisters. She befriend with various type of animals until someday her evil step mother & sisters damaged her dress to prevent her to come along to Prince Charming party. And after that, they will leave her all alone to tend her broken heart. Eventually, her fairy god mother will pop out of nowhere to put her out of her misery & send her off to attend Prince Charming party. She’ll meet the Prince Charming, Dancing & talking with him while both of them falling in love with each other unknowingly. And of course you know the rest, Cinderella will live happy ever after.
But in this story, there’s no evil step mother & mean step sisters. In here, she doesn’t have fairy god mother either. Now, you must be thinking if there’s no such a thing in this story, then how she’ll meet the Prince? Well, if you want to know; you should stay & read her story by yourself J

Author Note : Hello,it's nice to meet you all. It's my first fanfic ever. Actually, I'm little bit unsure, shy and unconfident to post this. But, the temptation is so great. So, in the end I succumbed yo it :) I hope all of you can enjoyed this fanfic as mush as I am. And please leave a comment on it. As much as you can, LOL
Well, lastly Let's spread YS love guys!
Title: These Hands Had To Let It Go Free (And This Love Came Back to Me) [1/?]
Pairing: Jung Yong-hwa / Seo Joo-hyun
Genre: Romance / Historical
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Based off the prompt - We're soulmates and we've been reincarnated for dozens of lives but I remember nothing and you remember every single one of our lives and every time you have to convince me.

Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in
24th-Apr-2016 03:20 am - Baby Fever
Title: Baby Fever
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Paring: Yongseo

What happens when a certain someone gets baby fever?

20th-Mar-2016 01:13 am - Nonplus: Un & Deux
Pairing: Yongseo
Genre: slight angst and fluff
Rating: PG13
Summary: Teenage bewilderment
Warning: Haven't written in a long time!

Un - http://dandelion-bella.livejournal.com/4130.html
Deux - http://dandelion-bella.livejournal.com/4413.html
19th-Mar-2016 02:01 pm - In Time - Chapter 12

Title: In Time - Chapter 12
Pairing: Yonghwa – Seohyun
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG - 13

Summary: Do you believe in fate? How about destiny?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
22nd-Jan-2016 09:32 am - this road leads to nowhere
Title: this road leads to nowhere
Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What lies beyond the end of the world?

Part 1
Part 2
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